Dark Crystal

Social Recovery Dapp
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Backup a secret

To backup a secret you need to choose recovery partners and get their public keys.

This will split your given secret into a set of encrypted backup pieces linked to your chosen partners and stored on the distributed web.


Public keys of recovery partners

  • You need to choose a set of contacts who you trust to be your recovery partners.
  • Each of them must have an Ethereum account.
  • Each of them must generate a public encryption key and send it to you by visiting This page.
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  • A unique identifier for your secret that will be used by your recovery partners to find the share to recover.
  • Usually it is best to leave it as your Ethereum address but in some cases you may want to use a different identifier. Read more
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  • A secret could be anything. Think about it as sensitive data such as your gpg private key, the password to your encrypted harddrive, or your Ethereum seed phrase.
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